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Meet the Judges!

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August.23.2007. [Thursday] | 08.23 a.m.
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posted by: project_judges in projectverdict

{ Pierra Prenelle }

Pierra Prenelle is the Host of Project Candybar Competition. 7 minutes older than her twin sister Bianca (a.k.a. “Max-B”), she is also a cousin of Clemendy from Fleur de Lys Challenge. An heiress to a fashion conglomerate PÉRE, she worked as a Creative Fashion Director for Pierrelle Couture before studying Fine Arts and Philosophy at Cambridge University. She now oversees London's prestigious contemporary art gallery Prism and takes on interior design in her spare time.

Played by pierrelle

{ Antona Mitchell }

Antona Mitchell is a prominent fashion editor for En Magazine, the biggest name in high fashion magazines. She is in charge of assigning fashion related stories to the fashion reporters, working with models, and organizing photoshoots and fashion spreads in her magazine. She has been married for 3 years to a wonderful man, and is the mother of a 1-year-old daughter.

Played by neonkittens143

{ Mona Amiri }

Mona Amiri is one of the country's top stylists. She was accepted on a full scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design at age 17, where she learned the fundamentals of design, knowledge which gave her an edge in the industry. Her work can be seen on red carpets, as well as in the pages of Spark Magazine, where she also writes a monthy column.

Played by shibaiko

{ Otto Franklin }

Otto Franklin's first success in the fashion world came via Broadway, where he is known as a Tony-award winning costume designer. His career has evolved over the last few years, and his runway shows are famous for their flamboyant originality across the globe. Otto's newest undertaking is a highly anticipated ready to wear line (o.f. otto franklin), and his designs are continually in-demand for red carpet events.

Played by _morning_glow

{ Bethany Turtle }

Bethany Turtle is on the Project Candybar judge panel for Photoshoots. She is the winner of Candybar's Top Model Cycle 1. She has since been busy touring the world as a Carmendy Model and spokesperson for Au Naturel cosmetics. Amongst many of Bethany's most unique signatures is her fiery red hair.

Played by feebsicle

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